Where faith and values are made relevant to every Josephian’s life.

Where the Catholic Religion is the Core of the Curriculum.

Religious Education, in its fundamental sense, refers to the dynamic and mutually enforcing process of experiencing, knowing and sharing the Christian Faith in the light of integral evangelization. Religion as Core of the Curriculum serves as the underlying world view or framework in achieving an authentic Catholic culture, especially when it is linked directly or indirectly, with the other subjects. Religion as Core of the Curriculum enables the academic community (administrators, faculty, maintenance personnel and non-teaching staff, pupils/students, parents and alumni) to acquire a worldview that enables them to live out their Christian vocation. Therefore, every Catholic school rests in its commitment to evangelize the Gospel of Jesus.

Where oral, written, and digital means of expression are honed and nurtured 

Where exploration of ideas, innovation, and invention are encouraged

Where problem solving is done through reflection, integration of learning, and research 

Where working harmoniously  together to reach learning  goals is valued 


Read all about SJA's STREAM program, which has been recognized in 2019 by Edutech Asia (Singapore) and in 2023 by Inteligente Publishing and PEAC, for its pioneering fusion of Science, technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics in the curriculum.



SJA's academic programs are anchored on, and significantly exceeds the Basic Education curriculum prescribed by the Department of Education. Steeped in Catholic Core teachings and practical life applications, the Josephian way of learning is integrative and developmental. Mastery of subject matter and skills are deemed important,  but equally given focus are learners' diverse learning styles, emotional intelligence, and digital competence. 

Christian Living and Values Education

It is the goal of Christian Living to promote a Christ-centered, creative and spirit-filled program for the whole SJA community, where Catholic doctrine, traditions, and values are embedded in all aspects and encounters of student life.

Preschool: Toddler, Nursery, Kindergarten

The two pre-Kinder years program--Toddler and Nursery-- is designed to  help kids develop love for learning and appreciation for others in their first experience of schooling. The Kinder level, being the first mandatory step in the K-12 ladder, provides children with learning and experience that integrates new skills and concepts in preparation for grade school education.


The Mathematics program seeks to develop 21st Century learners who are  critical thinkers and proficient lifelong problem solvers. Spiral progression and collaborative approaches assure learners of milestone successes as they hurdle steadily increasing challenges.


The goal of the SJA Science curriculum is  to encourage and enable learners to develop inquiring minds, scientifically informed, caring and responsible individuals who can think critically and make informed choices for themselves, the environment and society anchored on Josephians’ mission and vision.

Language Arts: Filipino

Layunin ng asignaturang Filipino ang maisakatuparan ang mga programang nakalilinang ng mga makrong kasanayang pangwika at bigyan ng pagkakataon na mahalin at gamitin ang sariling wika nang wasto at makabuluhan sa pang-araw-araw na buhay.

Language Arts: English

The SJA English program  shall develop 21st Century learners who can confidently, fluently,  and effectively express themselves in English through regular practice of macro-skills and special programs for creative and critical expression.


Social Studies / Araling Panlipunan

The study of society--past and present--forms the core of SJA Social Studies education. From a comprehensive understanding of society, learners become open and responsive to, and appreciative of history, culture, and tradition of the Philippines and the world, and  they themselves become young movers and shakers in society.

Computer Education

SJA learners practice digital literacy and ethics, learn and create useful and relevant digital products using a variety of tools and platforms.

Home Economics/Livelihood Education

The wide-ranging SJA HELE (Grade School) and TLE (High School) program provides the environment and mentorship for practical skills, entrepreneurship, and technical vocational training.

Music, Arts, and Physical Education

The SJA MAPEH program enables learners to explore the broad strokes of artistic expression and develop healthy habits and practices towards a positive life.