Learner-centered student services ensure that Josephians' total development and specific physical, emotional, and social needs are addressed.  Student Services departments are headed and staffed by qualified and competent individuals whose main goal is to support every Josephian in the various stages of his school life.

Guidance & Admissions

The Guidance Program is designed according to the needs of the students. It should promote the

efficient and happy lives of individuals by helping them adjust to social realities.


Guidance Services include:

1. Mentoring

2. Individual Inventory/Analysis

3. Information Dissemination

4. Research

5. Testing

6. Counseling and Counseling referrals

7. Career Orientation, Linkages with colleges and universities

8. Consultations

9. Program Development

10. Public Relations 

11. Admissions

Medical & Dental Services

The school clinic monitors and maintains the health and hygiene of the pupils/students and employees.

The School Clinic renders the following services:

1. First-Aid and Emergency Treatment

2. Annual Physical Examination

3. Annual Dental Examination

4. Oral Prophylaxis (with additional fee)

5. Tooth Extraction (with additional fee)

6. Immunization Program

7. Water Analysis

8. Accident Insurance for one (1) year (applicable to school accidents and other school sanctioned


Canteen Services

Complete nutritious meals for students and employees are served the whole day in two separate canteen areas.

Prefect of Students

This office manages student behavior and propagates school and classroom policies that ensure orderly conduct and appropriate positive discipline.

Library Services

The school's two libraries (one for grade school and one for high school) house a broad collection of print and non-print materials for research, academic supplementary reading, and leisure reading. These are venues for both quiet study and engagement with books and various activities and events in keeping with specific curricular and co-curricular themes.

School Supplies Store

Where students can purchase school supplies and school merchandise

Information Technology

This office provides timely and appropriate technical assistance in carrying out the digital programs and requirements of classes and the school in general.