Co-curricular Programs


SteamfestX is a program that emerged from Steamfest, the schoolwide culminating activity of SY 2018-2019.  SteamfestX aims to continue the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering,  Arts, and Mathematics-integration through engaging classroom activities, projects, and events that showcase student performance.

#Decolonize #Decarbonize is an ongoing program involving Senior High School students in collaborating with their peers from all over the world to tackle issues on climate change. Last school year, the focus was the effect of climate change on indigineous communities. SJA was represented by Richard Muniz, who travelled to Katowice, Poland to present his team's research in a youth panel at the 24th Conference of Parties (COP24). 

This December 2019, SJA will again represent the Philippines in the next international collaborative project for COP25.


Click to read the white paper that is the result of collaborative research of students from St. Joseph's Academy, Philippines and students from countries such as Kenya, Slovenia, Cuba, the United States, New Zealand, Indonesia, Canada, and many more.


STEAM Craft Edu was formed to help foster and nurture student interest in STEAM fields. Developed in tandem with leading experts in STEAM education, the experience will be launching through NGO partners in the Philippines in March as our hero title Planeteers, for students in grades 3 to 6.  Beginning SY 2019-2020, SJA pupils will use the platform for free.

(Source: Steam Craft Edu website)

Learn and Play: Steamcraft Edu's Planeteers engage pupils in the Math, Science, and IT subjects.